5-day workshops

The  5-day workshops are the 10 week courses concentrated into a solid 5 days. This makes them ideal not only, for those who find it difficult to commit to a 10 week course but also those who work during term times.

These courses are not only great for beginners, they are also great for school teachers who want to learn the skills and techniques to do more sculptural hands-on making with their students. Kids love to make and we are all for encouraging as much making as possible.


Introduction to Portrait Sculpture 
Intense tutored sessions over 5 full days. Aim each day is to focus on 2 parts of the face – discussing anatomy and proportions including reference to cultural and symbolic aspects as well as learning sculpting techniques through observation. This 3 dimensional crafting of the face gives a deep understanding of the proportions of the human head and inturn these skills help with expressing accurate representations in drawing and painting as well as sculpture. Ideal as a 3D portfolio project. Aimed at beginners as well as experienced artists. This workshop can also be done gradually as an 10 week course
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Introduction to Sculptural ProcessesSculpture classes in Essex with Billie Bond
Two Intense 3 hour sessions  per day for 5 days. Experimenting with wire, clay and plaster to create 3D forms. These skills will be linked with other artists’ work during class discussion. The course will follow a theme which will be developed with the sculptural techniques over the days, to create pieces of work that convey individual ideas and concepts. Ideal for a portfolio project. Aimed at beginners, school teachers and experienced artists who want to develop a sculptural approach to their work. This workshop can also be done as an 10 week course 
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Lifesize Portrait SculptureLifesize Portrait Sculpture
This 5-day workshop concentrates on the portrait as a whole. Through observation, working from life and photographs, you will be taught how to photograph, measure and sculpt the model. The course will enhance your knowledge of anatomy, proportions and clay modelling to create a lifelike, life-size portrait bust. For beginners, or ideally, those who have completed the Introduction to Portrait Sculpture. This workshop can also be done as an 10 week course
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  1. Please put me on your mailing list. I would very much like to do one of your 5 day Introduction to Sculptural Processes courses.
    Many thanks


  2. I’m so impressed looking through your workshop photos. I wondered if you ever run anything for children (my son is 10) or can recommend any one else locally who might (in school holidays for example)
    Kind regards

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