News for 2024, we are planning to move to Suffolk, so from now on I shall be running courses in half terms rather than full terms, as we are not sure of a moving date as yet. So all the 10-week courses online have been shortened to 5-week courses. These maybe the very last courses I run in Essex so please get booking early if you want to join me before I go.

Billie Bond MA MRSS SPS is an award winning practicing sculptor with work in private and public collections around the world.

Born in Northumberland in 1965, Billie Bond grew up in Essex and continues to live there now. An early career in nursing gave her an appreciation of human anatomy, which she considers sensitively in her figurative representations.

2021 selected member Society Portrait Sculptors
2018 selected member Royal Society of Sculptors

Billie gained an MA in Sculptural Practice 2016 and a 1st class Honours Degree in 3D Design 2011 at Colchester School of Art. She was also awarded a research residency at the Henry Moore Institute Leeds.

Her 20 years experience as a designer-maker includes designing children’s furniture, interiors, interior decorating and painting murals. During studies, her creative ideas were expressed in the form of figurative sculpture.

​​Billie won the Pure Arts Sculpture Prize in 2013, with the winning piece A Link With The Past being exhibited in a curated space at Saatchi Gallery, London as part of the Strarta art fair. The work is now part of the Birth Rites collection residing at Kings College, London.

​In 2009 Billie sculpted her sister, who has Downs Syndrome, on the 4th Plinth in Trafalgar Square as part of Anthony Gormley’s One & Other highlighting the importance of art for everyone.

Her current practice researches connections between geology and human migration with a more sustainable approach to material use, find out more about her quarry residency here