Exhibition invite – Inside Out – Representations of the Self – Billie Bond

It has been a while since I posted on this blog as my Instagram and Facebook pages are so much easier to update – instantly and directly from my iPhone, whereas here I have to find the time to sit in my office at my computer (there must be a WordPress App so I could avoid this, better look into that)

Billie Bond


So over the las two years (apart from running Essex Art and Sculpture Classes) I have been studying for an MA in Sculptural Practice at the Minories Galleries in Colchester and very close now to the final exhibition Being There.


Self-Portrait Sculpture 2016 before smashing

The exhibition includes four of us and we are sadly the final MA Sculptural Practice cohort at the Minories.

My work, Inside Out – Representations of the self, is a sculptural path of self criticism. The work is a culmination of academic research, helped by an internship at the internationally renowned Henry Moore Institute Leeds, and sculptural practice. I explore representations of the self through a process of making, destroying and repairing as a metaphorical journey of trauma and healing – the scars of life – a way of trying to make sense of what it is to be human.

I do hope some of you can visit the exhibitions, please click on links below for details of dates, times and previews etc

Monochromatic Masks, Billie Bond

A selection of work will be on display at The Minories Galleries, Colchester, Essex 22 July – 5 August, then Gallery in the Garden, Great Saling, Essex 14 August – 28 August

Transition, 2016 Billie Bond Self-portrait

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