Weekend classes

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One-off workshops Sunday mornings
Venue: Garden Studio, 14, South Street, Great Waltham, Chelmsford, Essex. CM3 1DP

Pottery – Make your own Mugmug
This is a one-off fun half-day pottery class where you can make your very own mug using the slab hand-building technique, pulling technique to make the handle and impressing technique to decorate. This class is suitable for beginners and a great way to create a ceramic item that can be used everyday. This class makes a great gift idea to experience the art of clay making and to create an object that can be treasured. The price includes clay and firing.  Gallery
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Portrait Bas ReliefSONY DSCIMG_2076.JPG
Create a ceramic flat portrait of a loved one, someone famous or even your family pet. This all day class teaches you the traditional principles of sculpting in bas relief like you would see on a coin, medal or a relief sculpture  wall sculpture. This class is great for beginners as well as artists. You will need to bring 2 printed copies of a portrait in profile (side shot). They would need to both be about A5 in size and if you can please bring them plastic laminated. Please do not use original photos as they may get water damaged  Book online

Wire SculptingSONY DSC
This one-off half-day workshop explores expressive figurative sculpture using wire, a material that can easily be manipulated and continually repositioned. This fun class is ideal for beginners as well as artists. You will be introduced to different types of wire suitable for different aspects of sculpting. You will be guided through the safe use of tools for cutting and bending the wire. A step-by-step demonstration of making a 20-30cm human form will help you to create your own figurative piece which could include animals, insects and even fairies. Wire sculpting is a form of sketching in space and a quick way to create a sculpture that can be enjoyed in or out doors. All materials and tools are provided. You can take your sculpture home at the end of the session.   Book online